Chiropractor for Pets

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a non-painful, non-invasive form of chiropractic care for treating neurological, spinal, and other diseases in dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. It can be used along with medications to enhance, direct, and accelerate healing. VOM is often used along with a classical veterinary approach to the disease of the spine, joints, and even internal organs.

VOM technology can be used to help a traumatic injury, degenerative changes, and other disease processes. This form of chiropractic therapy utilizes an Activator device which in term “activates” the body’s natural healing abilities and is part of the basis of therapeutic effects of V.O.M. The low forces used in this form of a chiropractic approach all but eliminate the risk of exacerbating further injury to your dog or cat. It is also a non-painful form of therapy for neurological and Orthopedic Diseases.

Correction of what we call sub-luxation injuries and other stresses to the spinal cord and joints will reduce the output of inflammatory chemicals, thereby reducing swelling and pain. Therefore, we can now help your dog or cat with painful injuries and other diseases safely, often eliminating the use of medications or surgery.

Application of V.O.M can be used to detect, predict, treat, and even prevent diseases in our pets. Its ability to restore neurological function to the diseased organ allows for the natural healing ability of the body.

With the pet’s owner present, the spring-loaded activator device we use produces a very quick, non-painful impulse to the vertebrae or bone to which it is applied. The very rapid impulse produces an adjustment that cannot twist, or harm the tissue. This adjustment corrects what we call subluxations of joints, which are functional alterations with or without X-Ray evidence that cause nervous disturbances. Once this pain/spasm cycle is interrupted, muscles and blood vessels can relax, reducing swelling, and pain, and allow more healing oxygen to reach the affected tissues.

There is always a beneficial effect, but the degree depends on the cause of the pain and how long the condition has persisted. VOM works similarly to classic chiropractic manipulation but without the need for twisting and bending. VOM therapy is complementary to other veterinary treatments and diagnostic evaluations we can provide for your pet. Sometimes one treatment alone may dramatically improve a patient, but follow up treatments are often needed for the best possible results and appropriate timing of the adjustments will depend upon each individual case. Even with no “real” problems, many dogs and cats will benefit from regular adjustments that will help subclinical disease that is developing and will help promote optimal health and function of the entire body.

Finally, VOM does not work by “magic.” VOM is a medical treatment protocol and is applied as such. This technology is not generally taught in the Veterinary Medical process offered at vet schools. As a Veterinarian, Dr. Leeb has completed advanced study courses to be trained in and understand the science behind the VOM technology and to be able to effectively help your pets regain and maintain their optimal health.