Alexandra John, V.M.D.

Dr. Alexandra John obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where she studied mixed animal medicine. In addition to her love of practicing Veterinary medicine with dogs and cats, she also has a special place in her heart for goats, alpacas, pigs, and cows. Like many vets, Dr. John dreams of having a small farm to house all of the animal species that occupy her heart!

Currently, her pack consists of two dogs, three cats, and 30 fish. “Missy” is a Border Collie mixed breed dog who enjoys swimming, hiking, running, and adventuring. Her Akita mix, “Morrow,” is aggressive towards other dogs, which has allowed Dr. John to relate her personal experience with dog behavioral problems to her patients.

The felines of the group include “Uma Thurman” – a one-eyed black and white cat who Dr. John rescued as a kitten with an infected eye; “Kitty,” an orange tabby evil genius, and “Geralt of Rivia,” a Maine Coon mix with asthma. He uses his inhaler like a champ every day! Of all her pets, Dr. John’s African Cichlids are the most challenging and heartbreaking to care for. Fish will sneak into your heart when you least expect it. She highly recommends snorkeling in the Galapagos!

Dr. John has worked in three different states (CA, NJ, and PA), which has expanded her medical knowledge tremendously since each area has a different disease prevalence. This has also cultivated a well-rounded perspective on disease, treatment, and financial stressors. Dr. John became a vet because she is fascinated with the human-animal bond. She aims to work with patients and their owners to find the best plan for them.

In her free time, Dr. John enjoys singing, playing the guitar, figure skating, weight lifting, competing in triathlons, and spending time with family. Dr. John lives on the Delaware River with her fiancé. They have a beautiful toddler daughter who is the center of their world!