Halloween Pet Hazards

The leaves are starting to turn color, and that means Halloween will be here soon!

This is a fun, festive time of year for people, but the holiday carries with it hazards for our dogs and cats.

The number one Halloween Hazard is candy. Please make sure your children and visitors know never to feed any candy to dogs or cats! Many of those delicious Halloween treats can be harmful or even fatal for our beloved pets. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, but they love it just like we do.

Some people mistakenly believe that animals have a sixth sense concerning what is safe for them to eat—they do not! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can potentially be fatal to dogs depending on the amount ingested.

Chewing gum and other sugar-free candy contain Xylitol, a chemical even more dangerous to your dogs and cats than chocolate. Pets can also choke on candy wrappers or suffocate in empty potato chip bags, so keep all candy and treats in sealed bags up high and out of reach!

Decorative candles and Jack-o’-lanterns make beautiful decorations, but those open flames are dangerous when mixed with curious pets. Whiskers, noses, and tails can get singed, or worse, an excited pet could knock one over and start a fire.

Keep pets and lit objects separate from each other. Glow sticks can also cause problems if ingested such as profuse drooling, agitation, irritation, and pawing at the mouth for both dogs and cats.

Pets look so cute in costumes it is hard to resist dressing them up for the big day. Keep in mind not all our dogs and cats appreciate a cute costume. You know your pets’ temperament; if they are going to get stressed out, it is better to go with a new cute collar.

For those that like to play along, be sure the costume will not hinder normal movement or breathing. Also, keep watch that there are no choking hazards on the costume or that your fur-baby does not try to eat the costume to get it off. Most pets will tolerate a costume for at least long enough for a few pictures, but never force your reluctant pet to dress up.

Keep pets safe from cruel people looking to prank or hurt your pets. Do not leave them unattended outside on Halloween, the day before or after. Be especially mindful if you own a black cat.

Make sure all pets are licensed and Microchipped with up-to-date registration. Stressed dogs and cats will often dart out the door when trick-or-treaters are collecting their candy. Keep your pets behind closed doors as they are often frightened of loud children, people knocking at the door, and doorbells.

Halloween Dangers for Dogs and Cats

If you are leaving your pets home alone, make sure they are comfortable with a radio or TV on to lessen the noise from outside. Keeping them in upstairs rooms or rooms at the back of the house may also help.

Call your closest World of Animals Veterinary Hospital at 267-800-PETS if your pet should ingest any candy or get into any scary predicament on Halloween.